12 March 2008

Sleeping Poses

"It's the Paparazzi again"
"Come on, Put em' up, Put em' up." From whatever disney character that says that.
"So, I was thinking....."
"How did my pacifier get up nose?"


Jennifer said...

Are the little mitts to keep him from pinching you guys or scratching himself? He'll probably figure out how to get those off soon. I am glad to see the pictures. I was afraid you were sleep deprived and I wouldn't be seeing any more pictures until he started sleeping through the night. How is he doing? How was his report at his last check up? I remember the nurse saying... the baby's doing fine, but you look like a wreck....On a positive note I am here to tell the tale. Love, Ma

Jeanie said...

So glad to see Nik looking much more healthy! His color looks better and you are doing a great job of fattening him up.

What did the doctors have to say today! Did they agree?

Your comments are very cleaver! Good for your scrapbook too.

Leslie said...

Nik looks so good Mara! Great Job Mom! Keep the pictures coming.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jeanie - great job of "fattening" him up - he's looking great!