27 June 2008

Our Little Kitty had Kitties

Baby Nik & Katerina watching the baby kitties.
Our little kitty that we adopted last year had 3 kittens this summer about a month and half ago, we thought that a male cat had eaten them since we didn't see them and she was hanging out in front of the shop all of the time. But a few days ago a guest spotted them and we have been giving them some scraps, here the three of them are going to town on some leftover chicken bones. The gray and white one picked up a big leg bone and took it to his little spot, the one that looks like his mother just opted to stay right at the food bowl and eat as much as it could, the third one is all black with just a small spot of white under it's chin was enjoying the water.
The neighbor that brings us a fresh egg for Nik every day from his small farm would like to take two of them to be mousers on his farm since he doesn't have any cats, it might be a good life for them and would be less "mouths" to feed for us. I am still trying to convince Arthur that we need to get our cat fixed or she will continue to produce more litters, please help me by voting in my poll.


Jeanie said...

Mara, it wouldn't let me vote in your poll, but my vote is yes, get kitty fixed!

GeGe said...

Absolutely, the only humane thing to do.

Anonymous said...

if i were a cat, i would demand to be fixed! can you imagine having not one, not two, but three (or more) at a time - a couple of times a year! whew!