29 June 2008

5 month presents

New sippy cup that he really likes.
New mushroom pool that he really likes.
New walker that he really likes.

Nik is five months old today and he got a few presents this week to show what a big boy he is becoming. We bought a mushroom pool that he really enjoyed we also ate mushrooms that day (Arthur and I - mushroom ragu with polenta) and we got him a walker and his first ball. The ball he tries to cram into his mouth, but he also likes to chase it around with his new walker. We put him in it and he automatically seemed to know what to do with it, I think he will learn to walk before he learns to crawl or will only crawl for a little before going straight into walking. He also enjoyed his first taste of peach yesterday, he has been eating egg yolks for a few weeks now but we have decided to try a few more food items since he is really hungry all of the time.


Jeanie said...

Bravo! So glad to see him so healthy. He is getting around great. Happy 5 months Nik!

Valerie & Bryan said...

He's so cute! Yes, Bravo Bebe Nik! Arthur's accent is really cool! hope your weekend has been wonderful!