14 June 2008

Sunday Concert

Daylight View of the Stage

Last Sunday we enjoyed a concert right next to our house, this was the music and singing that we heard on my birthday, they were practicing for the concert on Sunday. The film was taken from just outside of our house (the dark parts are when I was trying to get both Grandpa Nik and baby Nik on film, didn't turn out) and the picture is of Nik listening to the music. We didn't stay outside to long, to many people and it started at 9:30 at night and Nik was ready for bed at 10PM. The concert lasted until 12:30AM, I couldn't wait till it ended, Nik wasn't sleeping so well. Arthur also didn't have a very good night because the people that came for the concert wanted to have one beer and two glasses (our beer cost 1.50euro, it would have cost more to wash the glasses) so he sent people away and told them he couldn't serve them. Our beer price is probably the cheapest you will find in Greece, plus the bottle is huge, we only serve Amstel because the times we have tried a Greek beer it just doesn't sell and then when we don't have a Greek beer people keep asking for one.

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