05 June 2008

Vespa Invespament

We got our Vespa, yippie, it is the coolest thing in town. Now some of you are going "Vespa?", well our original motor scooter wasn't coming in. They had the scooter in 100cc but we wanted something a little larger, we test drove the 100cc with both of us heavyweights on it and it just didn't seem like it would make it up our hills, so we upgraded to a Vespa LX 150cc, in Red. Arthur went to pick it up on June 4th just in time for my birthday so we are calling it my birthday present, it is the most expensive present ($4,650.00) I have ever received. We are calling it our investment because not many people can afford a Vespa and in 30 years it will be worth the same amount of money we paid for it or possibly be worth even more.


Anonymous said...

Way Cool! 125cc that is so funny - the last bike i road was a 1100cc Honda Shadow!! I couldn't even imagine riding a 125.. but it is really cute - enjoy it!

Jennifer said...

A little more shiny, but it does remind me of days past. I'm glad you are an experienced operator. Be careful.