27 November 2010

First day of a 4 day trip

We went on a small vacation up north around Thessaloniki area. We left around 9 am of course it was the one day that Nik wanted to sleep in, otherwise we would have left around 7. We drove straight to the Archaeological museum, baby Kat slept the whole way since she did wake up at 7.
This is us in front of the museum, I specifically wanted to go here since they were doing a special exhibit on glass objects made before Christ. I also wanted to go on a Sunday since then it was free, saving us 12 euros.
This is a torso of an emperor wearing a cuirass, also A.D.
Some of glass vases on display, so delicate and yet so artistically done. I wouldn't be able to replicate this kind of work even with all of the fancy tools they have available today.
A sarcophagus displayed in front of the museum, Arthur took a lot of pictures of this since I was feeding baby girl on the front steps and Nik was running around on the grass. You go through museums pretty fast when you have a 2 year old, Nik kept saying "go" and "dark", the museum was pretty dark in some areas and he wasn't into that. Arthur also took the picture below of part of the Byzantine wall that used to surround Thessaloniki.
We of course had to eat at McDonalds, I was bummed that their ice cream machine was broken, you can get a Strawberry milkshake for 1 euro.
Nik was knocked out and fell asleep with out any problem.
That night we had KFC, a Bucket, 22 euros and we got 15 pieces of chicken, 3 french fries, 2 coleslaws and a big bottle of Coke.
We purchased the KFC at the mall in Thessaloniki just a short drive from our hotel, we also ate a chocolate cake at TGI Friday's before getting our bucket. We had planned to eat there, but baby kat was getting hungry to we rushed back to the hotel.

This is the first day of our 4 day trip, for food we are pretending to be in the U.S. but enjoying the history and variety of things to do in Greece.

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Jeanie said...

Glad you are having a good trip. Baby Kat is beautiful!

We had a nice visit today in Southlake at Angelas. Wish you could have been there~