08 November 2010

Greek Elections

We just had Greek elections on Sunday for town hall positions, like the mayor and governor positions. Both Arthur and his mother voted, I can vote after living here for 10 years, although I don't think i will get involved in it. But I would like to say one thing, the Greek government would save a lot of money if they didn't do the advertising that they do. Every person on the ballot hands out an envelope with 4 pieces of paper in it and on each page is the list of people running. The person who gives you the envelope has their named checked so you see who brought. The crazy thing is that every person on the ballot hands out these envelopes to every household. The government is probably spending millions in printing up these papers and for what? Arthur didn't even open them because they were all the same, no extra info about the person you are voting for, just a list of names with a check mark next to the one who dropped them off. We will use them for scrap paper, so I guess that's a plus.

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