29 November 2010

Second day of four day trip

We woke up on our second day in Thessoloniki and drove immediately to Domaine Gerovassiliou Winery just 15 minutes away from the hotel. They have this awesome museum with all of the tools used throughout history to make wine and then they have one of the biggest corkscrew collections in the world. We had a guided tour through the museum and then we got to taste two of the wines that they make there. I would suggest to anyone visiting Thessaloniki to go there, they can even take a bus from the IKEA and it will drop you off at the closest village and the people at the winery will come and pick you up.

We then drove back through part of Thessoliniki to get to our second part of our day trip, we wanted to visit the birthplace of Aristotle (Arthur's favorite historical person). They have a wonderful park dedicated to him in New Stagira, but as we drove through it was too foggy to even stop and take pictures. The wonderful thing about our hour and half drive across Chalkidiki was the how many times the land changed. We first drove through a farmers paradise with green fields in every direction, then it became barren and rocky with scrub bushes like Arizona (minus the cactus), then again another change to a wonderful forested land (this was the foggy part) that you could just imagine little fairies flying about, and last but not least the coast line with beaches everywhere.
This was at the end of the forest part and at the top of a hill with a rest stop looking down on Stratoni village. We had our pic-nic of leftover chicken from KFC.
The picture above is of Ancient Stagira the birthplace of Aristotle it has a stone wall around it and still looks in magnificent shape, we were the only one's visiting it.

Classical Stoa in Stagira.

The below picture is of Olymbiada, a small coastal town that was pretty much closed down for the winter months but you could tell that they are pretty busy during the summer.
And here's Arthur getting a ticket on our way back from our day trip. In Greece the cops stand in the middle of the road and randomly pull over cars. So as luck would have it the cop motioned for us and the car in front of us to pull over. Arthur got booked for the hook (for towing) that he has on the back of his car.


Prof said...

What is illegal about that? Anyway, glad you had a good trip.

Anonymous said...

When the hook is not in use ,you must take it off, by unscrewing it.