05 November 2010

Recent weeks

So sorry for not writing in a while, it has been rainy and cold here so it is very hard to make it down to KokaRoka with the kids, since baby Kat has to be wrapped up like a mummy and Nik runs around inside yelling his head off, so not very conducive to writing a blog. Right now Nik is outside because it is sunny and he is blowing a whistle, inside Kat is sleeping and ΓιαΓια Katerina is making bean soup (every Friday), Arthur is cleaning the two rooms that left this morning. A couple of weeks ago we had a sunny Sunday and we went on a ride up to the Lake. On the way we stopped at the village that Katerina grew up in and picked up some chestnut's.Baby and I watched from a safe distance as Arthur and Nik picked up chestnuts.
This is my attempt at a Lemon Meringue Pie, I thought I did a pretty good job. It tasted good but maybe a little too lemony, the custard was a little runny so I might try a different recipe next time. ( now nik is crawling on me the baby has waked up and I am running out of time to type)
We have also (Nik just stuck his finger in the babies mouth) introduced the baby to solids. Here she is having her first egg, it didn't go over well because she was already hungry and wanted to drink milk now. That same day she had some ice cream and seemed to like that better, uhoh another sweet tooth in the family (Nik just ripped his shirt).

I'm off to go check on Nik he is outside somewhere and they are fixing the road with tractors and stuff so not so safe, bye chat later.

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Jeanie said...

Mara, little Mara Jr. is so cute! Nik sounds like a handful. He would wear me out in about a minute. I bet your pie was good. Good to hear from you. I intend to buy a new phone card but....