14 November 2012

Donkey for Nik

If you are looking for the UR Priceless post it is the one just below this, I want to thank everyone for the sweet comments.  I started responding to each and everyone but I have to do it the old way (press, click, copy, open new window, etc. etc.,) if anyone knows a better way to respond to comments please let me know.

Nik was a little jeaous of his sisters dress and purse and wanted me to make him one, I tried to explain that dresses are for girls but that didn't go over so well.  So I whipped up this little guy in about 30 minutes, I had wanted to make one as soon as I saw it.
Sock Donkey

You can find the tutorial over at Missy Mac Creations (Sock Donkey) she is having a Donktober fest and you can make one of these by Friday you will be entered in a contest.
All you need are a pair of
Old socks, thread and needle a sewing machine if you want and a few buttons
The socks are at least 5 years old, both gifts, the one on top from my brother Jon with little individual toe socks, love these but they got holes in the toes.  The bottom ones came from my Grandma Doris, she passed away this year and I think she would have loved what I created with them, she was very crafty, they had holes in the soles, hehe, that rhymes.
Yes, he is holding a sewing pin, both kids want to help and "work" with mom, ? the help part.
 If you can't tell from the picture, Nik loves his donkey, it turned out bigger than I thought it would, but I loved making it.  He still wants a purse so I will have to think of some manly fabric to make one up, or I can just copy the awesome Batman one made by Carolyn over at Sew Darn Quilt, of course Nik would want the bad guy in the jail, so I will have to see if there is any joker fabric around.

You have until Friday, November 16 to make one of these Donkeys and you can join the Donktober Festivities.  It was super easy to put together and would make great Christmas gifts, so check it out.

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Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Oh, Mara, he's soooo adorable. Love, love, love the mane! Glad your little cutie is enjoying his new friend. :)

Thanks for linking up to Donktober. Good luck with the prize draw!