23 November 2012

Nik's first baby tooth was pulled

 The tooth was loose for about 2 weeks, we went to the dentist on Tuesday and he said it would come out on it's own.  Now you maybe wondering why we would go, well Nik really really wanted to go, he loves going to the dentist and has been about 4 times in his short little 4 years, a whole lot more times than I have been while living here.  He hops right into the chair and opens his mouth wide, of course his favorite part is having the water pour into the little cup next to the chair.  He was very upset that the dentist did not pull it out and pretty much refused to leave the Dentist office (read here, I had to drag him out screaming and kicking).
His other bottom tooth is loose also I predict another week before that one comes out.

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