10 November 2012

Love getting mail

4 Packages in One Day
This came in the mail on Friday, 3 purse frames and 4 packages of 2 1/2 squares from the I Want Candy Swap.  I was desperately waiting for the frames I have to make a blog post on Tuesday about my so cute UR Priceless coin purse.  I ordered my frames from Etsy and the owner is very nice but it takes a while for things to get here from Hong Kong.
I was so worried that they wouldn't arrive in time that I contacted Celine over at Espritpatch, she lives in England and her UR Priceless day was Wednesday, she wrote on her blog that she ordered 3 so I asked if she wouldn't mind sending me 1 of hers, maybe it would get here in time and she so kindly did exactly that.  Thank you so much Celine.  Update: She shipped it out on Thursday night and I got it Tuesday morning so even if the above package hadn't arrived on time I would have completed it in time for the people in America to see.   I better thank my husband too, for taking the kids away for a little bit so I could get some sewing done.

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