20 November 2012


I made 4 Christmas Stockings, 2 for the kids and 2 to donate.  I would like to make more but we will see how the time goes, they are for Hopeful Threads November Project.  You can find the button to the right.  I particularly like this project because Nik spent so much time as a baby in the hospital, lucky for us not on Christmas but for Thanksgiving and his 1st birthday.  We also fear that he will have to again have another operation but the doctors would like for him to be older and that will make things so much more difficult.
So here's some pictures, of the ones I am sending, Nik and Kat's were prototypes and not as pretty, I think I did a better job the second time around.
The Cars material and buttons are from Rhonda and Dad.

a little button detail on an otherwise plain stocking.
I didn't have any Christmas fabric so I had to make due, I like the girly one and made it really easy, in fact I was thinking of making a tutorial, what do you think?   
French Seam Flannel Christmas Stocking Tutorial?
I am also making Nik a placemat for school out of the Cars Material, that should be done by Christmas, hopefully.

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Kristy said...

They are perfect! Thank you for being a part!