19 September 2007

5 month appointment

Okay this is the 5 month check-up (technically I am at 21 weeks, 5 mo. and 1 week) but it sounds better to go by months than by weeks. This week we checked out my heart, I love the Greek medicine system, they used a machine that was probably created in the 70's or 80's. They placed clam shell like metal objects around my breast and rib cage, then they placed what looked like the things you use to charge you car battery when it dies on my wrists and ankles. I thought for sure I would feel an electrical charge especially since she put water on my skin first, but I didn't feel a thing when they turned it on. My heart looks great said the doctor, so that's one more thing looking good. Then we went to a doctor that had a machine that I am sure even doctors in the States would envy, a high tech GE 3-D baby monitor. We measured every possible thing to measure on the baby from bones (nose, arms and legs) we counted fingers and toes, we checked the blood flow to the kidneys, heart and legs, we measured the brain, heart, stomach, bladder and different arteries. It was very educational, the baby is very healthy and has everything in the right place, and he is definitely a boy. We are also running another battery of blood test to check up on everything, the doctors here in Greece are very good and are really into preventative medicine, making sure everything is going good before there is a problem. I even got a prescription for stomach and nipple cream (non-toxic) to prepare my body for the growing baby and so I wont get stretch marks, yippee.
And here's the fun part, while we were waiting to see the doctor two hand-cuffed prisoners came to see the dentist (his office is next to the ob-gyn), and man did they look like they needed to be in prison. They came one at a time and had 3 escorts only one carrying a gun in his holster and standing back several paces the other two had his arms and were carrying fanny packs around their waist probably with guns inside just harder to reach. When the first guy came out of the dentist office his smile was so creepy it definitely belonged on America's most wanted list ( it gave me the creeps). So this is socialized free medicine I see the same doctors that prisoners see, no special standards, although they did get in faster than the other people waiting to see the dentist, but I don't think anyone minded that they didn't wait in the waiting room.


Prof said...

Congratulations to Arthur and Mara. Another boy! Getting close to a basketball team. DAD

mara said...

Yes and he should be tall too, he is already 2cm above average for his age.

Eric said...

Yeah! Another boy - and if not enough for a basketball team, definitely enough for a relay (swimming or track).