02 September 2007

This Week

This week we went to the beach and got sick from the food.
We went to my 5 year Visa Interview, 7 people in the room (a judge, 2 cops, and some other unknown people). They asked questions like "Do you like Greece?" I understood the word Greece and thought they were asking me if I spoke Greek, so I said "λιγο" (a little). What can I say I was nervous, after that I let Arthur translate for me, two of the women spoke English to me but I think the whole group understood English. The Judge told me if Arthur wasn't nice to me to come see her, she is the second person in higher authority to let me know that they do not allow spousal abuse in Greece (the mayor also told me the same thing). I will receive my Visa in 2 weeks, I passed the test, being pregnant helped a little since I am increasing the Greek population, which is very important.
We purchased the crib and changing table for the baby room, pictures forthcoming.
Our godchild Anastasia came to visit, what a fireball, I am now thinking maybe only one child for me. Whew! my body was so tired last night but my brain kept going, I didn't fall asleep till after 3 and woke up at 7. We will see them again next Sunday when we go to Thessaloniki for the International Exhibition. Anastasia's brother Stavros asked Arthur "why is your wife working she has a baby in the belly?" he's 8 what a cutie. They left today, ahhh!! blessed silence.
Today is cooler 30F, we had a small rain storm yesterday New Mexico style, so we have some relief from the heat and no fires.


Anonymous said...

Mara and Arthur: I emailed this to you but we went to the Greek Festival and met Father James. He said he had been to Kalampaka for a wedding in 2003. It was for the Greek Orthodox priest from Stockton, who married a Kalampaka girl. I will find out her name and I am sending you a book on Greek Orthodox Church stuff. Pretty interesting. They think they are better than anyone else. Does that surprise? DAD

Prof said...

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