27 September 2007

Brain Damage

Our mechanic informed us that our car had a brain stroke and that we needed to be careful with the battery or it could have brain damage.
We had to replace the temperature valve since it was not working properly and the communication between it and the electrical chip was faulty and wouldn't let the car start.
This is why I enjoy old fashioned cars, you know the ones where you have to manually roll down the windows. If it doesn't start you just push it down the road and then boom it starts up again.
Our car is fine now, it was a good thing we were at home when we tried to start it and not at the beach or in the next town.

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Anonymous said...

I hate car trouble. I just had a little "Morris and Comanche" session myself. Now I have some RV repairs and it goes on and on. I does cause a " brain drain"any way you look at it. Love, Ma