24 September 2007

California Packages

Arthur is modeling our packages from California. First we got a gag gift from Eric and Leslie of a T-shirt with the British flag and written underneath is Greece, Arthur thought it was very funny. But we will be unable to wear it here, we will wear it when we fly into London on our trip to the States.
Next package was from Dad and Rhonda with a book about Greek Orthodoxy and the bear is wearing a cloth diaper. I will be using cloth diapers for the baby and am trying out different companies to find the right kind that I like and then I will sew my own using their diaper as a template. If you haven't ever investigated the internet about cloth diapers you will be suprised at how many different kinds there are nowadays. You don't have to use pins that stick you fingers and there are diapers that will grow with your baby so you only have to buy about 36 diapers and at a cost of $20 (the most expensive kind) each that is $720. If you compare this to diapering a kid in disposables and your kid is potty trained by the age of two (Andrew has passed this) you will spend $2,000 in diapers for just one kid, plus you have created enough trash to fill half of a dumster truck. So I will be doing this more for economy than really anything else and it will save us from having to fork over so much money for something that is so easy to do.


Jeanie said...

Mara, check this out on Amazon.com I got this book at the library for a co-worker who is pregnant. It takes time, but you can save lots of money!

The Diaper-Free Baby: The Natural Toilet Training Alternative (Paperback)
by Christine Gross-loh (Author)

Eric said...

Hi Arthur - I'll send you something more practical next time :)