22 February 2008


Arthur and I wanted to share a fun story with you.
Last Monday Morning (before they moved Nik to ICU)
I had just finished nursing Nikolaos when the doctors came in for their rounds and guess how many doctors came in? Are you done guessing, guess again, we had fifteen doctors, two learning doctors and two nurses entered, a total of 20 people, I already had one nurse watching me feed the baby. I couldn't get out of there fast enough, the whole room was full. They don't let you stay when they are checking the kids, I guess this is so they can talk openly. Of course I should of told them I wouldn't understand anyways, although I am learning some new Greek words like the word for poop and green throw up and so on, all of the words that one really doesn't need to know, I guess it is better than Greek cus words though.
They are taking very good care of our little baby, in fact when we went to visit Nik on Thursday the two doctors at the front told us that we were to talk only to the Chief Head Doctor and that he was in charge of Niks condition. In fact now we only deal with him and when we call they all know that the Sakkas baby is being taken care of by the chief doctor, his name is Nikolaos also.

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Jeanie said...

So glad to hear that Dr. Nik is taking care of baby Nik. It sounds like he is in very good hands. Lots of prayers are being sent your way for you and Arthur and little one.