29 February 2008


OUR RIDE HOME, RELAXATION, SLEPT THE WHOLE WAY AND DIDN'T WAKE UP UNTILL WE CAME INTO THE VIEW OF METEORA, I WOULD SAY HE KNEW HE WAS HOME OR HE WAS HUNGRY.AARGHH! Our little Pirate loves to sleep with one eye open, my hand is trying to gently coax his eye to close, but I have learned that it is just his way of keeping us in sight.

His favorite pasttime is sleeping, he loves to sleep with his pacifier. They taped his pacifier to his face in the hospital along with the stomach tube to feed him, so now when his pacifier falls out while sleeping it suprises him awake because he was so used to it just staying there even if he let it go. Luckily he does sleep without it at night, I don't know if the hospital taught him this or if we are creating a new habit but we have taught him to sleep 4 hours through, so I only have to get up at 2 am and again at 6 am, I hope we can keep this up.


Anonymous said...

What great news and pictures! I be everyone is glad to be home. Love, Ma

GeGe said...

We couldn't be happier. What a cute family. Love, GeGe (aka YaYa) and GePaw

Jeanie said...

Mara and Arthur:
So good to talk to you both. Glad little Nik is sleeping so well.
Thanks for posting new pics.

Eric said...

Hurray! It's great to have everyone home. I can't wait to meet him :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations all the way from Jamaica (at least for another couple of days!) Glad to see that Nick has made it home - what a great week!
Take Care,
Valerie & Bryan