24 February 2008

Yippee!! New Pictures

Arthur and I took the train up to see Nik on Saturday, we got to hold him and feed him a small bottle of milk.

He loves to communicate and will move his mouth in all sorts of ways and stick out his tongue.

I love kissing his little shaved head, he has that great baby smell.


mara said...

Dad and I posted some of the same photos, I hadn't looked at his blog yet, oops!

Anonymous said...

No problem on the double posting - we love all the pictures we can get. He looks great! /Eric

Anonymous said...

I might be double posting too. There is snow on the dish again. What a cute little family. Nik looks like a big boy with that haircutt. He is looking things over. Maybe he will be a doctor. Sometimes things work out that way. Remember when Jon didn't quite make it under the fence on his sled. He thought he would be a doctor after he got stitched up. Love, Ma

Tindy said...

Love seeing your family!!!!!
Love Tindy and Family

Anonymous said...

Hi Arthur and Mara,

Arthur left a comment on my blog telling that all three of you could go back home! I'm so happy to know that! Now you will enjoy Nick 24/7!!! (And sleep a lot less I assume!)