17 February 2008

On Standby

Nik developed a fever over the night so it looks like we won't be going home on Monday. Arthur and I have been staying in Thessaloniki since Thursday afternoon and we will stay until we can take him home. Arthur found a good parking spot next to our hotel and a very good restaurant (This is a different hotel and restaurant Rhonda) so we aren't moving the car until it is time to move Nik. The restaurant is very good traditional oven foods of Greece and our hotel room has a balcony that overlooks ancient Roman bath ruins. Further down the street is the Roman Agora and a McDonalds with 1euro Strawberry Milkshakes and 3.10euro Big Mac.
Arthur and I went to the Cosmos Mall yesterday and it was so 'busy', Arthur likes to use the word 'Panic' to describe the people, to me it was busier than the malls get in the States during Christmas time, a whole lot of people. The restaurants at the mall close at 2 am in the morning I don't think we see that in the States. Hopefully Nik will get better soon I feel so sorry for him because he was doing so well and was completely unplugged and now he has a new drip system to rehydrate him since he was also throwing up and had diarrhea.


Jeanie said...

Mara, so sorry for the setback, but I guess it was good that he was still in the hospital where they can get him healthy enough to go home.

Take care,

Love and prayers.
Aunt Jeanie

Kelly said...

Wow! This whole thing just stinks! I know that the doctors are doing what is best for Nic, but it has to be getting really frustrating for you and Arthur! I pray for the time to pass quickly and for Nic to be healthy very soon! Love you!

Valerie & Bryan said...

We also send our love and best wishes, along with many prayers for quick healing.