19 April 2008

I Pulled An All-Nighter

Well his onesie says it (from Leslie and Eric) but in fact he is sleeping pretty well, knock on wood. There is generally a five hour break between feedings at night, if he eats at midnight he will wake up at 5, or last night he ate at 2 and woke up again at 7. I think we are doing pretty good considering he isn't even 3 months old yet (April 29).

We celebrated Arthur's birthday on April 17th (born in 1969 he is 39 years old), one more year and he will be the big 40. He is so old that when he was born there was no electricity where he lived, he is a cave man and is not willing to learn new tricks. So when Nik grows up and wants to play computer games or get a XBox Arthur can tell him "When I was a kid we didn't even have electricity, go play with the light switches."

On Sunday we are going up to Naousa to visit his godchild Anastasia, godparents must give their godchildren a present for Easter and the Greek Orthodox Easter is on April 27. So we are going up to visit his friends, have lunch and get the best cookies in Greece, all in Naousa.


Jeanie said...

Nik is so adorable!

Happy belated birthday Arthur! Gosh you are old!

But not as ancient as me... I have the big 5 0 coming up this year. Ouch! I guess when your kids are 25 and 27, it only makes sense that you are aging too, but I am sitll young at heart. I just look in the mirror and some old hag is staring back at me.

Candy said...

Mara and Arthur,
Nik is growing so fast and changing so quickly. And of course, oh so very cute! Happy birthday Arthur. Mara, go easy on the "old" thing. One more year wiser. Arthur was born the year I graduated from highschool! When I see people that I went to high school with I always wonder who those old people are. I may be growing older but I refuse to "grow up." TeeHee I am glad that Nik likes reading. It also sounds like he is soon learning how to take charge of things.(Letting his parents know when to pipe down) Two good qualities: reading and leadership ability!! Much love,
Aunt Candy

Jennifer said...

Yes, Happy Birthday to you, Arthur! What do they say?...60 is the new 50, maybe 40. Don't worry be happy; Live well. And you are only as old as you feel...I'm sure you'll hear a few more. When I read this blog title I was afraid Nik had kept everyone up all night. That's when you will feel your age. You both will start feeling younger now that Nik is working into a sleeping schedule.
Love, Ma