29 April 2008

Bridgman Blog

Hey what's up with the Bridgman family blog, I can't even write comments because I'm not a family member and I had to find out about it while playing on the computer. LET ME IN! As far as I know my brothers don't even know about it, of course I do see that my mom has her name down, but she didn't inform me about the blog.


Tindy said...

Hi Mara!

I can't figure out how to get your email from your blog. Tell me and I will get you hooked up to the Bridgmans. I am not as good at it as you and the brothers. I'm sloow getting started, the first entry was Juyly 2007 Leah's wedding. But I have it figured out now. My life is crazy with Dillon a freshman in college at Central Washington University( 3 1/2 hours away) Cameron a freshman in HS in Everett (40 minutes away) and Foster a sixth grader in Stanwood. Love keeping up to date with what you are doing from your blog. Get me your email. Mine is 1tindy@gmail.com

Candy said...

Hi Arthur and Mara!
It was so fun to talk to you on Sunday, Mara! Sorry we got disconnected. Aunt Tindy blew a circuit that cut off the power at Grandpa and Grandma B.so the power went out. (Twice) That made the phone disconnect. Now that we have your number, we will call you again. More about that later. It was a Wacky Day, but lots of family fun, and of course laughter. We were helping at your Mom's property. She is very excited to begin her building project. Watch the Web site. I took pictures, but won't have time to post them for awhile. Some of your Bridgman family members are going to get you a sewing machine for your wedding so don't let anyone else get it for you. I am not sure how the electricity converts, but is that difficult to figure out? We told your Mom that she will have to bring it when she comes to visit. Also, Leah, Aunt Tindy, and I are going to get books for baby. Although hardbacks are nice, we thought we could send more if we send children's paperbacks. What do you think?