22 April 2008

More Naousa Photos

I've never seen a kid enjoy a lemon so much, Anastasia was licking the lemon and taking bites of food from Arthur. Her father was working at the restaurant that we went to, so Arthur played father for all 3 kids, although Stavros (Anastasia's brother) did a good job of keeping track and running after Anastasia.
Anastasia had burger meat, Arthur, Nikki and Stavros had Calamari and I had trout freshly caught from behind the restaurant. The trout comes with the head and all, very non-American, but I am learning to not to be squeamish, lucky for me they clean out the inside. Pheeww.
The park next to the restaurant is called Nikolaos, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the kids liked dogs, most Greek children seem to be frightened of dogs or will try to kick them.
Anastasia and Stavros laying in the flowers.

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Jeanie said...

I would rather starve than eat that fish!