12 April 2008


This is what I came home to yesterday , I watched the shop from 2pm to 6pm and then came home to have Arthur go down, this is how I found the boys.

Arthur SleepingWhere's Nik

There he is, sleeping too.
Arthur woke up shortly after I came home and the first thing he said to me was "Nik gave me a hard time." and I was like "What happened?", "He wouldn't go to sleep." I so wanted to laugh, but instead I asked "Do you think that is all we do when you are down at the shop", his answer was "Well yes and you read all of the time." This is kind of true not the sleeping thing, Nik is generally pretty awake during the afternoons and likes to be held, he does have his moments where he will play by himself but then the rest of the time he wants to be held so my technique is to read to him. I have learned that he doesn't like novels, he's more interested in my cook books so I read recipes out loud to him and he like the sound of the words. Then sometimes he just wants silence and he will let you know when to shut up, even when Arthur and I are talking sometimes he lets us know that he is done listening and it is time to be quite, he also sleeps better if it's not so bright, example the picture above he pulled the covers up around his eyes. He acts like a grown up already quite and dark time is for sleeping, very good.

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Anonymous said...

Arthur, You mean that little angel caused you problems? Don't worry I haven't forgotten how those little bundles can wear you out. It will soon get a little easier. Get a good parenting book that you can refer to when you have questions, otherwise you will be dependent on advice from all your well meaning relatives. Love, Jennifer