01 April 2008


It was so nice to have some friends come visit, Stacey and Ashley Calvino. Ashley is studying Art in Paris for a semester and her mother came to visit her and then they took the weekend to come and see me and the family. They brought me the makings of Smores, chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers, all of which I can't find here. Well we have chocolate but it is a miss and hit if it taste good. Arthur liked the Smores and then I made cheesecake with graham cracker crust, it was super easy and very delicious.
We took them to our special church that was built 1,000 years ago and before that it was a Greek Temple and they got to witness a special event "The returning of a HOLY ICON." A preist was very impressed with Nik's moby wrap and got pretty excited about the way I was carrying him, but angry that we didn't get married in the church. We pacified him by saying that we would get baptised there.
Showing off the American Hat, monasteries behind are Varlaam and Great Meteora.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone looks pretty happy. Going to the Bay area today to see Jon, Kelly and Caleb. Eric had dinner with them last night. G-PA