01 July 2008

Chillin with Dad

I'm trying a new schedule, when baby and I wake up in the morning we play a little bit then we go on a walk while it is still cool outside. Then when I come back around 8:30, I hand Nik off to his Dad (pictured above hanging out with dad) so I can do a quick shower and some stuff around the house, I tell Arthur to give me 30 minutes and then we feed Nik and are off to KokaRoka.

Yesterday we didn't have any rooms to clean so Arthur and I left Nik with Katerina and we went to Larissa for some shop therapy. I bought a much needed new bra and Arthur bought a pair of underwear, only the essentials for us, HAHA!

Last night we had a full house with 4 turks on motorbikes, a mom and young son from Australia and a single traveling boy from Seattle WA.


Anonymous said...

i think it is cool that you get to meet so many interesting people from all over the world! i don't know yet when we are coming. but hopefully this year. if not, then spring of 2009.

GeGe said...

Nik just looks marvelous - great job Mom and Dad.