24 September 2012

A Contest I could win but need your help

Who is up for free fabric?  or I should say free fabric for me!  Or you could win free fabric too, just let me know. 
In my last post I warned about having a Pinterest account but know I am so hoping you do.  Because I want you to go to my account and re-pin your favorite fabric bundle that I have picked from Fresh-Squeezed Etsy Shop.
And we have a winner- Savannah Bop was the one most pinned!

A Bunch of Fun, I removed

Prairie Sunshine

Help me pick out the one to get I will be making some fabric baskets for the kids room.  We just put up an electric blue curtain, so this is why I like the blues and we have some green pillows from IKEA.
If you want to join in the contest let me know and I will re-pin yours too!
Deadline is on Wednesday, so not much time.

Update:  Randi the shop owner had such a huge response that there is no way she could seriously give a bundle to everyone (unless if she didn't want a shop anymore).  So this little challenge is going to become a monthly activity, how fun.


JLVerde said...

Repinned Savanah Bop for you.

Could you re-pin mine (http://pinterest.com/pin/271482683758600443/)

(or go to my blog, I made a post about the contest there)


Monica said...

Happy to help...here's mine.


Ginny said...

Hi repinned Savanah Bop! Would love your help with mine! Took the plunge, thanks for the heads up on this contest!