22 September 2012


I would love to make this quilt that is over at Moda Bake Shop, the colors just pop and are from a favorite designer of mine Sweetwater ( I even have some of their scrapbook stuff).  I need some school spirit here to get my kids up and feeling better so they can get right back into the swing of things and go to school!
I am new to sewing and I think I do more brain thinking and picture looking than actual sewing, but there are just so many pretty things to make and so so many fabrics.  This contest name is "Love it, Pin it, Win it" and my other favorite thing to do other than computer window shop is to look at Pinterest, if you don't know what Pinterest is then you should keep it that way, because I know that I am addicted.  But if do know then you should come check out some of the stuff that I pin, especially my quilt section, what do you think?  To many right, but they all look like so much fun to do, well wish me luck because the Moda Bake Shop is giving away a couple of prizes and one of them is all of the material needed to make the quilt of the winners choice.  WOW!

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