22 September 2012

Craft Table

I am so excited to announce that I got a craft table, a tall one that I can cut fabric on and put together scrapbook pages with out the worry of the kids getting up there.
 Even the drawers are hard to open, Nik couldn't open them, this makes me so happy!
 My craft cart that holds my 12x12 paper even fits underneath, and on this side I have 2 shelves to put books on, I am always looking for more room for all of my books.
We also got a package from Grandma Peters and it had some scrapbooking goodies inside for me from Technique Tuesday.  And a totally cute outfit for Katerina and swim trunks for Nik, Thanks Mom.

Here's Katerina having TukTuk the doll model the shirt we got from Grandma Peters.
 Last Saturday we went shopping in Larissa and I picked up a printer for my new craft room, it was 29euros and the ink was 12euros and the cable 3, so total 44euros.  But when we got home and tried to hook it up they had given us the wrong USB cable to the printer, HELLO, you sold me the printer you would think they knew what kind of cord it needed.  Luckily we only had to drive to Trikala to get it replaced and not the 1 1/2 drive to Larissa.
I also found these totally cute winter boots for Kat and only 25euros, can't wait for her to wear them they are super cute, okay I can't take very good pics but trust me they are cute.
One precious picture of Kat showing off her new backpack in front of her school, she modeled for me about 4 pictures and then said "done" and that was the end of that modeling session.  P.S. she is wearing my dress from when I was little, yah, so cute.
We stayed home the last few days since Nik got a huge sickness, all of the yuckiness from school and he gave a little bit of it to Kat, Grandma and me.  Hopefully we will be back in school on Monday, I want to start using my new pretty craft table!

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Jeanie said...

Nik's hair looks like it is getting darker?

Glad you have a craft table. Now you can really have some productive time while the kids are in school.