02 September 2012

Up-Cycle Project

My next project is to take these 2 shirts and make some fun stuff with them.
The red long sleeve shirt is a maternity shirt that I won't be using again so I thought  I would use the collar and buttons along with some material to make Nik a Hawaiian shirt like shown here.
Nik modeling the Hawaiian shirt material, I only have 1/2 yard, I think it fits.
 For Kat I will be taking the Victoria Secret shelf bra tank top that never fit and cut out the elastic to make her a tube top t-shirt dress with some of this cute ladybug material below.
She loves this material if I let her get into my stash she quickly grabs this one.
I will also use the tank top to make a purse like this women did here and for a tank top for Nik.  The rest of the red material from the maternity shirt will be used to make a dress for Kat like the ones shown here and hereNap Time Crafters is working on a pattern for the type of dress I will make.  Here are a few more cute pictures of the Kat.

Let's see how both materials look together, lookin good kiddo.

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Praying things get better.