26 December 2012

A trip to Trikala

Today we took a little trip to Trikala and it just made me so thankful that we live in a fairly small town, there was so much SMOG from all of the people keeping warm with wood fires.  I would say it looked even worse than Los Angeles and I think that is saying something.  Not very many people can afford the governments taxation on the heating oil for the house, the price is 1.40euros (from 1euro last year), about $8 a gallon.  We filled up our 500 litre tank at the beginning of the month and hopefully it will last us about 2 maybe 2 1/2 months.  So a lot of people are using wood stoves to heat there homes, I am so glad we don't have to do that, because Greek concrete/brick homes are very cold in the winter.
We went out to eat while in Trikala, I ate a cheeseburger and Arthur and the kids had a Gyro and fries, we had leftover piggy at home but I can really only eat it one day so Arthur's mom is going to have to get creative with the leftovers.
Here are some pictures of our absolutely gorgeous sunny but cold winter days.
Click on this picture to see the snow on the back mountains

St. Nikolaus

A view of the rocks

both kids completely excited about petting a cat

we are way up there, both kids have no fear of heights.
Our monastery trip yesterday was really nice, we met 2 of the resident monks, they were praying when we came in but either the kids were squealing so much over the cat (that let them pet it) or the prayer time was over, because they came out and the older one had a little chat with Arthur.  They really are very friendly up there in their little worlds, when I was in Varlaam one time a monk gave me a little tour of the monastery, very neat, and it still makes it my favorite monastery.

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