01 December 2012

Darn Update

Okay, so we stayed in the hospital 3 days and 2 nights, on the 2nd day they took Nik up and basically did a Colonoscopy (he was knocked out). 
The Verdict: an operation set for Dec. 10th, they will remove a little more of his colon and will staple it up, I think this should resolve any issues that we have been having.
Here's a couple of pictures taken at the hospital.
Sleeping beauties

The hospital has this nice horsey that Katerina spent hours on.

Playing Legos a good way to pass the time.

Notice Arthur's Frappe in the upper left corner
The first night we shared the 6 bed room with 3 other families, but on the second night we had the whole room to ourselves.  When we first arrived there were 4 boys but one left after we got there, the crazy thing is that they all had peeing issues (1 had ball problems) very interesting.
Of course what Thessaloniki trip is complete with out going to the mall, we ate KFC and brought a bucket home.  Nik's diet for the next 10 days is to be meat and milk products, definitely not a vegetarian's dream diet, lucky for us the kids love meat.


Kelly said...

So sorry to hear about Nik not feeling well and needing surgery. I will be praying for you all!

Madame Samm said...

to a recovery and a new beginnings for all of you my sweet lady