06 December 2012

St. Nikolaos Day

We spell Nik's name like this (Nikolaos or Νικολαος) and today they celebrate his name day World Wide.  He is named after his Papous and the Saint day is after the Nikolaos of Myra a Greek Bishop who did many good deeds.  My favorite tradition is the one that they do in Germany, you can get all of the details here and as for our family I am sure you remember when Mom did it for us as kids.  So this year, since Nik is older, I decided to resurrect the family tradition.

We got "rods"/sticks in our boots
That one is yours!

Checking out each others gifts.
They also got a bar of chocolate, I would have put an orange (mom you'll understand) but Nik is not allowed to eat them so we just stuck with chocolate a toy and a stick because trust me they have not been all good and need a little reminder of when they are naughty.

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Kelly said...

Jon has kept the tradition going here too. The kids got stickers, a small toy, candy, and oranges today. Caleb's comment was that old St. Nik always brings oranges! Love this tradition! Our kids were so happy with a small little present today!