08 December 2012

Vote For Me

Okay total Self Promotion and only 1 day left.
On my Meteora Greece, Roka post over at my Travel Thru Greece blog I showed you an English Paper Piece that I made and now they are voting on the best one, it might not be the best one but it is fun.

But right now they are voting on the Travellin' Pic Stitch over at Quokka Quilts, I am of course in the Europe division.  You can also check out the ones done in Australasia and Americas(#27).  SO GET ON OVER THERE AND VOTE FOR #17.

Thanks Mara

For the "In Your Words" blog hop I hope to make something a little special using these words.
Keep your eyes peeled for the reveal, of course this is all dependent upon my getting my sewing machine back in working order.

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