25 December 2012

Opening Christmas Presents

My poor kids only got 2 presents, 1 "Cars" car each and some Micky and Minnie play dough.  It was so funny because Arthur came home one day and told me he had bought the kids a present and it was downstairs.  So while they were napping I went to go check out what he had bought, 2 play dough sets, ha so funny I had bought the same thing a week before.  They are less than 1 euro at the grocery store and the week before they had the toy section 35% off so I got mine for .65cents.

Why did they get only 2 toys, because they have no respect for what they get, all toys are thrown around and well I am tired of picking everything up.  Katerina is happy with her babies and plays with them pretty much all of the time, so maybe when the sales come I will get her a new baby doll.

Nik though won't be seeing anything with a price tag on it until he starts respecting his toys, his play dough from this morning already has all of the colors mixed up and now he is using it as a ball and bouncing it everywhere.

For Christmas lunch we enjoyed a 1/4 of a little piggy with potatoes, in the oven.  This is the typical Christmas dinner for Greeks.  We then went on a drive around the  monasteries and even went inside of Agios Nikolaus Monastery, a first for all of us, I will talk about that more in another post.

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