18 January 2013

3-52 - And Mom's Christmas Package

Mom's Christmas Package finally arrived, I know that both she and I were getting a little worried, considering that she actually did not send it as a belated Christmas present and instead sent it in the middle of December.  But it was a big box and there was a kitchen timer inside, I am pretty sure the package was open at least once if not maybe twice, since it looked like it had been re-taped a few times.

The package, minus some fabric just for me, hehe.

The chicken timer under suspicion of being a clucking bomb.
 Arthur got a wine air-remover and 2 stoppers, Nik got an Angry Bird game and a dry-erase board and pens, Kat got a wand and several coloring books, plus some pajamas for the kids that match the items they got, Nik - angry birds and Kat - Hello Kitty.

Magic Boy

Of course being in opposite world, Nik laid claim to the wand, for magic tricks, he asked me why it was not working.  I had to make quit the explanation about how it was a trick on the mind and that their really were no such things as magic wands.  MEGALO KOLPO (in greek) I hope this isn't like telling him there is no such thing as Santa Claus and ruining the rest of his childhood.
Bird Girl
Kat laid claim to the Angry Bird game, she likes to make the birds fly, even if she doesn't get the whole game aspect.
Of course now, 1 day later they are fighting over who gets to play with what.
Both children love the dry-erase markers and it has been a great help having 2 boards they can play on, one I bought from IKEA a year ago (from money sent by Dad and Rhonda-Kat is peeking through it in the picture above) and another small one that Mom sent in this package, so that way they don't have to share just one board to write on.

On a more not so happy note, Nik threw up on Wednesday night, Kat on Thursday night and then Nik again tonight, my rugs can't take to much more of this so I hope they get better soon.  It's all from going to school of course, Nik has had a substitute for the last few days and we talked to her about the fact that he comes home and says that the other kids hit him.  His normal teacher has told me that he is the one hitting, but the substitute confirmed that it was the other way around ( I really dislike the lying aspects of the Greeks) obviously the normal teacher does not want to have to deal with this issue and it is really pissing me off, there I said it, I feel better already, thanks for listening, that is if any one gets to the bottom of this very long post.

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