05 January 2013

Pay It Forward Mail Treats

I got a great surprise today in the mail from Roxanne over at Scrapbook-chickadoodle.

A too cute turtle mug rug, who wants to put anything on this with this little guy looking at you.

I love the mug rug and can fit my Greek Frappe and some cookies for the kids on it,  but I might just not put anything on that cute little turtle.  She also sent along some extra turtle fabric, linen fabric, an assortment of mod podge (so awesome) a home made card and not shown a Quilt Block Design Board that is already in my cutting room (like that's a whole extra space just for cutting fabric, lol).

Looking for a Greek Frappe recipe:

2 small spoons of instant coffee (Nescafe)
1-4 small spoons of sugar (depending on how sweet you want it)
add 1/4 cup of cold water to a jar with a closed lid and shake until it foams.
pour into a glass (like the size you see above and add more water till it reaches the top)
you can add a little milk too if you want.
Enjoy your cold Greek Frappe.

Thanks Roxanne for the great and wonderful gift.

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