09 January 2013

I need to finish this

Do you remember this post?

Up-Cycle Project

My next project is to take these 2 shirts and make some fun stuff with them.
The red long sleeve shirt is a maternity shirt that I won't be using again so I thought  I would use the collar and buttons along with some material to make Nik a Hawaiian shirt like shown here. (I need to work on this)
Nik modeling the Hawaiian shirt material, I only have 1/2 yard, I think it fits.
 For Kat I will be taking the Victoria Secret shelf bra tank top that never fit and cut out the elastic to make her a tube top t-shirt dress with some of this cute ladybug material below. (Instead I took the left over red fabric from the maternity shirt after cutting out the collar and cuffs and made this adorable ladybug dress for the UR Priceless blog hop)
She loves this material if I let her get into my stash she quickly grabs this one.
I will also use the tank top to make a purse like this women did here (working on the tank top purse now) and for a tank top for Nik (don't think this will work, not much material left)The rest of the red material from the maternity shirt will be used to make a dress for Kat like the ones shown here and here.   Here are a few more cute pictures of the Kat.
linking up to a year of finishes.

Let's see how both materials look together, lookin good kiddo.

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