30 January 2013

January Finish

For a Lovely Year of Finishes, I got my tank top purse done, I know, I know something so small taking so long.  Well even though the tank didn't fit me it was still absolutely huge and after I sewed it, I realized that the arm holes just made it really big, so I had to cut it and resew, so it a little longer than normal, plus the kid (Nik) has been home for 2 weeks now sick.
It was claimed quickly as a the perfect carrier for baby.

The inside pocked, I really need to get a zipper foot for my machine.

Finally Finished
Linking to of course A Lovely Year of Finishes.
I was a little late in getting my first blog post in, so I don't count for any prizes but I still want to be accountable for keeping to my goals.

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