09 January 2013

I Love this Idea

The 52 Project, a photo a week, sounds so simple and yet it will help me keep track of time, because I really have no concept of the time passing.  Except to make sure I watch Downton on Monday night and Vampire Diaries on Friday night, those are really the only things I have "scheduled".
Otherwise everyday passes like all the others hang out with the kids all day, do a little cleaning maybe some cooking and hopefully some kind of crafting.
Go over to Che and Fidel to get the information and maybe I will see you in the coming weeks.


Nik, not looking at the camera, sister just behind him

Kat, looking at the camera and playing with her favorite toy.
 My kids have this opposite thing going on, one will want there picture taken and the other won't or one will want to go walking and the other one won't.  Now you might think that it was always the same kid wanting the same thing but nope, they just like being opposite of each other.  Say Nik wants to go down to KokaRoka, but Kat doesn't, then I finally convince or bribe Kat to go down and then Nik doesn't want to go anymore, augh! So it should be interesting to see this year in pictures and count how many times I can get each kid to look and enjoy being in front of the camera, if I get a good picture of both of them together then I will definitely be posting that photo.

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