31 August 2007

I found It

I now have it all, I found Chinese food with rice and egg noodles in a Macro Store (kind of like our Sam's and Costco Clubs) in Larissa about a hour and half away. We drove through Larissa on our way to the beach about a half hour outside of Larissa on the East Coast of Greece. The beach was nice but the waves were a little bit rougher than our hidden cove in Milina. It is a great beach for kids to go to because you can stay ankle deep and go fairly far out, I tried to take a picture of how far Arthur could walk out at mid chest hieght but it's so far that on the camera you can't even see him anymore (the black dot).


Anonymous said...

I think you are missing a photo. DAD

mara said...

Sorry it got deleted, but I was able to put it back in, thanks.