07 August 2007

Hello Waves

Arthur and I went to the doctor today to do the 4 month check up on baby. Both the doctor and nurse laughed as they caught sight of the baby because he was using both hands to wave and bouncing up and down. We also had an intern in the room with us, she was very young and spoke English so it was nice talking to her. The doctor spent more time checking out the baby because he was showing the intern all of the body parts, she was fascinated by the brain. As a side note I still haven't gained any of the weight I lost, even though I am feeling fatter it hasn't added up to any extra pounds (kilos on the scales here). So no tummy pictures yet, unless if you want to see Arthurs, he's in future empathy mode, hehehehe.


GeGe said...

Sent the document to USAA this morning. Glad all is well - Nick is going to be a slugger.

Eric said...

Arthur, I can relate :) Before Owen, 158 pounds - now I'm 178. I'd like to believe it's all muscle but my new pants are telling me otherwise.