23 August 2007


Yeah!, another package from the states, I am a popular girl. This one came from my friend in Sacramento, Renee Corpos, she sent me some yummy soba noodle snacks. Of course, I did ask her to send them to me because I knew that she would be able to find organic foods and I am so excited that she sent them. Greece has Organic shops, but they are very small and the choices are limited with a lot of organic wheat pastas and I was looking for non wheat products. We did find one fairly large organic shop in Karditsa but it is undergoing a construction phase and wasn't open yet. It is also hard using Arthur as an interpreter since even he doesn't understand exactly what I want, but one day I will be able to explain exactly what I want in Greek.
Thanks Renee for the awesome package. I should explain that we have plenty of organic fruits, vegetables and dairy products, I was looking for non wheat products since they eat alot of bread, pasta and rice (no brown rice available) here.


Eric said...

Hey sis, sent you a gag gift the other day. I thought it was funny, pretty sure Jon would think it was funny - not sure what you and Arthur will think :) Just meant to be a joke, hope you get a kick out it.

Leslie said...

Are you safe from all of the Greco fires?