28 August 2007

Trip Plans

Our trip plan for March 2008 is extensive, the original plan was to come to the States for Thanksgiving and fly to Washington and then Texas and drive to New Mexico. But Arthur feels more comfortable with me traveling after the baby is born rather than being 7 months pregnant, so our new plan is to come in March after the baby is born.
We will fly into Texas first (whoever is cheapest DFW or IAH), then we will hop over to Denver for about two days before jetting off to Seattle WA. Arthur and I thought it would be a little more entertaining to either drive or take the train down to Sacramento and do a little stop over in Portland. Of course it would help to know "Where In The World Is Mom/Waldo" because right now I have no clue to where she is hiding, will she still be in New Mexico (we will need to change plans) or will she be living in Washington by this time. Of course, the trip should be fairly entertaining traveling with a one month old so if anyone would like to join us and help out you are more than welcome (MOM!HELP!). I am just hoping for no words starting with the very large letter of P. So we will see everyone in March, except our family members hiding in Pennsylvania.

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Anonymous said...

Here I am. I'm here at McCollum ES trying to finish up my teaching career with style and justice. I have an apartment on Lomas for the month. Remember I started with APS in October so..20 years in Oct. We will finish up the cabin and try to sell it. We have someone looking at it already but..I don't see how I could pull off more moving for a while but......Love, Ma