26 August 2007

Little Post Its

Greece is burning, but we are fine here in the middle of Greece. Most fires are set on purpose (arson) and are in touristic areas (Kalampakians are smarter and don't start fires) near the coast or on Islands.

I found Brown Rice.

We had a visitor from Mauritius Country, if you know where this is you get an A+.

I am making Bar-B-Q Ribs today, and the family has never experienced Bar-B-Q Ribs before, wish me luck that it will taste good.

It's still hot here.

Arthur says Hi! and we can't wait to get the gag gift. We are coming in March with the little one, keep a beer cold in the fridge. (Australian thing, he made me write it)

Love Mara


Leslie said...

So glad to hear that you are safe. And we are SO EXITED that you are coming in March. Let us know where and we'll come find you.

Love, Leslie, Eric, Andrew and Owen

Anonymous said...


Mauritania, three times the size of Arizona, is situated in northwest Africa with about 350 mi (592 km) of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by Morocco on the north, Algeria and Mali on the east, and Senegal on the south. The country is mostly desert, with the exception of the fertile Senegal River valley in the south and grazing land in the north.

Military rule. The legal system is based on Islam. There you go. DAD

mara said...

Dad unfortenately you get an F, Mauritania is different from Mauritius. Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, East of Madagascar, it was ruled by the French for a while but then the English took over during the Napoloenic Wars (France was using it for Privateering ships). They speak French and English in school and also a slang Creole is known by all. Religion is primarily Hinduism 58%, Roman Cath. 28%, Islam 16%, it's politically set up is like the English Parliamentary system. Thanks for playing, I didn't know about it either.

Jeanie said...

Sounds like Tim copied that anyway, so he would have gotten an F for cheating anyway! But to be wrong and have cheated? Is there an F-?

Love reading your blog!

Keep in touch.


Leah said...

Are you planning to come up to Washington too?


Fabien said...

Hello Mara, hello Arthur, hello Koka Roka,

Perhaps I will have an A+ because I know where is the island of Mauritius... In France, we call it "l'île Maurice" and lots of just married people go there...

In other part, I am very happy earing you are not in fires in Kalambaka... I hope to meet another time Greece in its beautiful attributes...

(Sorry for my bad English.)

Big kisses from FRANCE...