10 August 2007


I now know for sure that Arthur loves me. Today he went to a Veterinarian and asked for pills to make our little feral kitty feel better. For a Greek man this is like, unheard of, (I can't think of a word to go here). Greek people do not have cats and dogs as pets, some dogs are used as hunting or shepherding dogs, but most are homeless, feral, and lonely. Animals in the house, SORRY not in Greece, they are outside animals only. They are well taken care of to a degree, people will feed them leftovers and on the Islands I saw a women giving out cat food and in Athens there is a corporation who puts dog food out in certain areas. The government in larger cities will also catch dogs and give them shots and place collars on them.
Our little kitty has been sick for the last couple of days and hasn't been able to eat. Arthur risked being scratched by the kitty in order to give it the medicine the vet gave him, he was very brave to do this and this is why I now know for sure that Arthur loves me. Because he did all of this without asking me, he just knew how I felt about letting our little kitty die on his own naturally. The way most Greeks feel about animals is "If they can't make it on their own then oh well there will always be another dog or cat to come along".
This is the story of Greek Life for Today.


Eric said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Looking forward to meeting up with you and everyone else (cats included) some point soon. Missed you in WA.

mara said...

Thanks I wish I had been there also.