09 August 2007

Package from Rhonda

Yippee!!! I got another package from the States, Thanks Rhonda. This one contains some yummy crackers made by the company TLC but made with the Kashi 7 grains, so very healthy and nutritious. She also sent along some scrapbooking supplies that I can play with, I can't wait to get started. As I told Rhonda, Greeks have never heard of scrapbooking or pretty much any hobby that Americans tend to do with their extra time. For example, Golf is a sport not a hobby, unless if you are a foreigner or own a shipping company. Adult education classes, what are those? Maybe in the future I will have some Greek girlfriends and can teach them a few hobbies i.e. stained glass, fused glass, jewelry making, wood working and scrapbooking. Just to name a few, I could fill a whole workshop of fun things to do and I think some of the stuff we make could sell. Wait a minute that wouldn't make it a hobby anymore but a job, we definitely don't want to do that.

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