19 July 2008

Everyone should learn a little Greek

Today we are going to talk coffee, (Leslie you might not want to read this-good luck with the no coffee ban) the Greek coffee life is very important. People spend hours at the small coffee houses, longer than what you see in the States, much longer. Now I wasn't much of a coffee drinker when living in the States but I have now become addicted to the coffee I make here (Ι don't know if it's because it taste good or if I just really need the pick-up after having a kid). I even worked for Starbucks and pretended to drink coffee there by making a "Vanilla Steamer" aka. warm milk with vanilla syrup. Now I drink φραπε γλυκο με γαλα και παγωτο (frappe sweet with milk and ice-cream-sounds like frappe gliko may gala kay pagoto). The Frappe is their cold drink if you want a hot coffee it is a Nes Cafe, simple hey!
So here is how to order your favorite drink or as close as you can get here in Greece.
Hot Coffee - Nes Cafe (Νες Καφε)
Cold Coffee - Frappe (Νες Φραπε)
Espresso Shot(as close as you can get, but taste even better) - Greek Coffee (Ελληνικοσ Καφες)
The sugar (ζαχαρι) they add when they make the coffee including the Greek coffee
sugar little - may ligi zachari (με λιγη ζαχαρι )
sugar medium - metrio (μετριο)
sugar sweet - gliko (γλυκο)
milk - may gala (με γαλα)
vanilla ice-cream - vanilla pagoto (παγωτο)

This is pretty much it for the Greek coffee system, so I hope you aren't the type who gets a Grande Latte Extra Foam Four Shots of Vanilla in a Venti Cup Type- Starbucks Lingo.

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Jeanie said...

Coffee, love the smell, can't stand the taste... I prefer hot chocolate or the frappe, Starbucks are pretty good at making frappes.