14 July 2008

This Morning

I didn't know that we had such a sensitive little guy but the above picture is where Papoos and Yiayia are trying to cheer Nik up after saying goodbye to Toni and his family. When Arthur said say good-bye he started to cry, I have never seen him cry like this before. Sure he might tear up when we are a little late with his milk and he wanted it yesterday but this was real tears of sadness. I didn't realize that they could understand something like this at such a young age, at least his memory of the sadness he felt at the time didn't last long he was smiling again about 10 minutes after they drove off.
One of the kids in the back doing a peace sign, they are great kids and I think this is why Nik got so sad because he especially cried harder when he saw them in the back of the car.

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